Why social media

Why Social media?

  • Leverage your customers to talk about you and your product, allowing them to let
    everyone know about their experience
  • Internet users worldwide spend more hours per week with Social Media than any other online activity
  • Foursquare has more than 5 Million users, their “Check-in” feature is a real-time endorsement and allows users to show their support for places they visit regularly
  • Yelp! has more than 33 million unique visitors each month with more than 11 million

Because numbers don’t lie

  • From 2008-2012 the percentage of US companies who use Social Media for marketing purposes is projected to double from 48% to 88%
  • 73% of US companies use Social Media for marketing purposes
  • 25% of new content found online is found through social media
  • More than 75% adults are turning to the internet to make local buying decisions
  • Twitter has more than a 200 Million users with 370,000 new sign ups each day